What You Need to Know before You Sell iPhone Online

If you want to sell iPhone so that you can buy a new one, you most probably want to know how you can sell it without being ripped off. The excitement of getting a new iPhone 6S Plus or even iPhone 6S can overwhelm you only to realize latter that you sold your device at a throw away price. Sales of a second had device are buoyant. When compared to the models of other manufacturers, your device can give you a great price. However, if you delay before you sell your device, you might end up losing out.

Do not wait for your iPhone to depreciate its value

iPhone can depreciate in its value very quickly once the manufacturer introduces the new model. After a new model has been announced, give your old model two weeks to depreciate by five percent. After four weeks elapses after a new model has been launched, your old model will be 12 percent less valuable. By the time eight weeks elapse; your old device will have lost over 20 percent of its resale value. Therefore, if you have an old iPhone and you want to upgrade to the latest model, you better stop dragging your feet. Make a decision to sell it quickly and try to get the best price possible in the market.

Sell your device directly to others similar outlets

The best options to choose once you have made a decision to sell iPhone. This is because they allow you most control of the selling price of your device.  It is important to note that there are scams online. Therefore, be cautious while selling broken iphone online. You will set the asking price for your device which is not the case with some online sites that offer a fixed price. These two options also allow for a lucrative and quickest way of discarding your iPhone in your local area. Note that prices at Craigslist have a tendency to fluctuate on the basis of availability and timing. However, most buyers are willing to pay more so that they can avoid the waiting and shipping hassle.

Consider selling your device to a company

There are many online companies that can pay good money for an old phone. These companies will only need necessary information about the device including memory, carrier and physical condition of the form before they give you a quote. Once you fill information about your device, you will get an automatic offer from the website of such a company. If the offer appeals to you, print out the shipping label for the central address of the service. Ship out the device and wait for the payment via PayPal or check in a week’s time or so.

Generally, there are many ways of selling an old phone online. However, be careful on whom you sell iPhone to or deal with to avoid being a victim of scam.

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