What You Need to Know before You Sell iPhone Online

If you want to sell iPhone so that you can buy a new one, you most probably want to know how you can sell it without being ripped off. The excitement of getting a new iPhone 6S Plus or even iPhone 6S can overwhelm you only to realize latter that you sold your device at a throw away price. Sales of a second had device are buoyant. When compared to the models of other manufacturers, your device can give you a great price. However, if you delay before you sell your device, you might end up losing out.

Do not wait for your iPhone to depreciate its value

iPhone can depreciate in its value very quickly once the manufacturer introduces the new model. After a new model has been announced, give your old model two weeks to depreciate by five percent. After four weeks elapses after a new model has been launched, your old model will be 12 percent less valuable. By the time eight weeks elapse; your old device will have lost over 20 percent of its resale value. Therefore, if you have an old iPhone and you want to upgrade to the latest model, you better stop dragging your feet. Make a decision to sell it quickly and try to get the best price possible in the market.

Sell your device directly to others similar outlets

The best options to choose once you have made a decision to sell iPhone. This is because they allow you most control of the selling price of your device.  It is important to note that there are scams online. Therefore, be cautious while selling broken iphone online. You will set the asking price for your device which is not the case with some online sites that offer a fixed price. These two options also allow for a lucrative and quickest way of discarding your iPhone in your local area. Note that prices at Craigslist have a tendency to fluctuate on the basis of availability and timing. However, most buyers are willing to pay more so that they can avoid the waiting and shipping hassle.

Consider selling your device to a company

There are many online companies that can pay good money for an old phone. These companies will only need necessary information about the device including memory, carrier and physical condition of the form before they give you a quote. Once you fill information about your device, you will get an automatic offer from the website of such a company. If the offer appeals to you, print out the shipping label for the central address of the service. Ship out the device and wait for the payment via PayPal or check in a week’s time or so.

Generally, there are many ways of selling an old phone online. However, be careful on whom you sell iPhone to or deal with to avoid being a victim of scam.

How to Use Apple Trade in Program to Sell Your Old iPhone and Buy a New One

Do you want to sell your old iPhone through the trade-in program by Apple? Then you need to know how this program works. The trade-in program by Apple allows you to take your tired, old iPhone to this company and trade it in for a brand new iPhone. However, you must go to the Apple Store to do this. Although Apple is not the first company to offer a trade-in program, it is a good thing for a company with its kind of reputation. Nevertheless, to benefit from this program, you should know how it works.

Visit the Apple Store

You have to carry your old iPhone to an Apple Store. Talk to one of the Apple employees about what you want. Let them know that you want to trade in the old iPhone for a new one. The employee will determine whether you qualifies to upgrade your old iPhone or not and inform you immediately. Note that you can also trade in on a contract basis. However, you will have to bear the cost assigned by the carrier of your new iPhone depending on the terms of your contract.

Get an estimate

BrightStar is the company that conducts trade-in, resale and refurbishing of iPhones on behalf of Apple. This company will give you pricing information on real-time basis for your trade in. With the help of Apple employees at the store, you will enter all the details of the old device in their system in order to determine its worth. You can sell your old iPhone at $253 if it is an iPhone 5 with 16GB on AT & T and in good condition. If it is unlocked, you can sell it at $279. However, Apple Store will not accept you device if it cannot power on or if it is water damaged. Nevertheless, if your device has a busted display it will be accepted by this company. All iPhones generations are acceptable with this trade-in program.To know more information on how to sell apple iphone, please go through our website https://sellshark.com/

Accept the quote or estimate and walk

Once you the employees determine the iPhone value, they will give you a quote. You can accept the quote and seal the deal or decline it and walk. If you agree to the deal, the employees will wipe the phone as you look and whisk it off. This implies that before you take your broken or old iPhone to the Apple Store, you should back up your data.

Go home with a new iPhone

You will be given a new iPhone once you agree to the provided estimate. However, if you want an iPhone that is unavailable or out of stock in the store, you will not trade in the old iPhone. This is because the entire process should happen at a go. You have to go to the store with an old iPhone and come out with a brand new iPhone. You can be helped by the Apple employee at the store to set up the device or take it home and set it up from there. Nevertheless, with this program you can sell your old iPhone and get a new one any time.

Damages that can Necessitate Selling Broken iPhone

Are you thinking about making money by selling broken iPhone? If your iPhone is broken and you simply do not want to spend money on its repair, you can sell it online. Generally, there are different reasons why you may want to sell your iPhone. Different buyers require broken iPhones to be in certain conditions for them to be accepted.

Bad or cracked buttons

If your iPhone has buttons that are not functioning, you can get money for it. This is also the case for a cracked device. You just need to indentify a site that buys damaged or broken smart phones to get a quote for it. Since there are many companies willing to buy such a device, compare the prices that different firms are willing to offer before choosing the company to sell your broken iPhone to.

LCD damage

There are companies that will buy your iPhone if it has a damaged LCD. All that the company will look for is visual movements on the screen after powering the device on. Note that some companies will not buy a broken iPhone if the screen has solid color or it is all black. This is because such a screen indicates a serious damage of the logic board. Thus, if you send the device to them they will most probably return it to you.

Tampered devices

If after you damaged your iPhone a friend offered to repair it but failed to complete the job, you can also sell it. You can find a company that is willing to purchase such a phone. This is because the problem of such a phone could be loose or missing parts and screws inside the iPhone. However, you should ensure that everything is intact when selling broken iPhone because most companies will not accept a damaged iPhone if some parts are missing or if there are signs of catastrophic damage. This implies that if a friend tries to repair your damaged iPhone and end up causing a serious problem, you will not be able to sell it.

Water damage

If your device has been damaged by water after spilling water on it or even dropping in water, you have minimal or even no chances of selling it. Most companies will not buy a device that cannot boot normally or a device that cannot power on. This is usually the case for water damaged iPhones.

Recovery loop mode devices

Most companies that buy broken iPhones will reject your device if it is stuck in the recovery mode loop. This is because such a device spouts error when it comes to the restore process of iTunes. Usually, such phones have a serious damage on the logic board and this lowers their overall value drastically. Thus, even if you send such a device to a company that buys broken iPhones, you will have it returned to you.

Generally, these are some of the major damages that may happen to your iPhone and compel you to sell it. It is important that you choose a company that tells you clearly whether it can buy your device or not depending on the nature of its damage. Also make sure that you get the full quoted amount when selling broken iPhone.